Mayu's Lost Ark Bot
Discord bot made by Mayuna
This bot is verified by Discord
Used by 800+ guilds
I’ve created this Discord bot in order to track all Lost Ark Servers and their statuses (whenever they are Online, Full or Busy). However, as the bot kept growing, I’ve added few more features and QoL features as well.
The bot has currently 3 main features
  • Server status tracking
  • Notifications
  • Twitter notifications
...and more to come!
Server status dashboard
Server dashboard is used to track server statuses in real-time. You can customize your dashboard to your liking. You can also change the language. All languages are contributed by the amazing community.
Server dashboard which shows current statuses of Lost Ark's servers (Discord embed message)
This feature supports over 10 languages
Tired of checking their websites for news and updates? This feature is for you. The bot automatically sends all news from their website and forum posts from their forums (only posts by administrators) right into your Discord server.
Discord embed message which shows notification from their News website
Twitter notifications
What about real-time news? This feature allows you to track their Twitter accounts and receive Tweets right into your Discord server. You can also filter their Tweets by keywords, so you will receive just notifications that you want to see.
Discord embed message which shows notification from their News website
• Looking for support? Join my Discord support server
• This bot is open-source under the GNU General Public License v3.0
So, what are you waiting for?